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DSJJSUU 500g Natural Black Tourmaline Mineral Raw Plating Colors Natural Stones Crystals Specimen Home Decor Color : E Blue Size : 200g - B09LCQJTYV

  • The bright and vivid rainbow colors can give people a happy and happy feeling, help open up the mind and horizon, and have a certain adjuvant treatment effect on the cure of mourning and other psychological diseases.

  • The energy contained in tourmaline has a calming effect and can make people concentrate.

  • And the changeable colors can inspire ideas and creativity, so that people can act steadily, do their best, and make their careers prosperous.

  • Tourmaline is considered to be the first Wang Fu stone, this name comes from Guangdong civilization.

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    Natural Black Tourmaline Mineral Raw Plating Colors Natural Stones Crystals Specimen Home Decor

    length:4-6cm weight:15-50g

    In Guangdong, a woman with a good face is considered Wan Fu. As the saying goes, "phases are born from the heart", tourmaline will make people's moods better, so people who wear them often will become hydrated and shiny, very beautiful, and have a husband phase.
    Tourmaline can radiate a magnetic field with an affinity, can eliminate the separation between people, and has a natural effect on attracting love and friendship. At the same time, the person with the leader's temperament wearing tourmaline can release more charm and attract more people to come together.
    In addition to the above effects, red and green tourmaline also has the meaning of gathering money and getting rich. In the meantime, the red tourmaline is close to the blood because of its color. Therefore, it is believed that the red tourmaline also has the health care effect of promoting blood circulation and has a better effect on the treatment of dizziness and anemia.