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Hyoola Candle Sticky Dots Candle Wax Dots Candle Adhesive 24 Dots - B095SZQ546

  • CANDLE STICKERS: These Candle Wax Adapters Hold Candles In Place And Secures Any Candle To Any Holder.

  • EASY TO USE: Using The Adhesive For Candles is Simple And Easy. Just Peel Wax Dots And Put on as Candle Holder Wax.

  • MESS FREE: Not Visible When In Use. Leaves No Sticky Mess And Holds Candles in Place While Making Sure Candle Holders Stay Clean

  • QUALITY PRODUCT: Don't Let Your Holiday or Family Dinner Be Ruined By Tipping Candles! Use Our Taper Candle Glue to Keep Your Favorite Decorative Flames Standing Upright In Their Holder

  • VALUE PACK: 1 Card With 24 Candle Wax Adhesive Dots Each, Giving You A Total Of 24 Dots. Each Dot Measures 1/2 Inch



    Candles have been used to illuminate our surroundings since ancient times. While originally created as a rudimentary light source, candles today have become decorative accents for celebratory occasions and a key feature of religious rituals.

    Hyoola's Candle Sticky Wax for Candles Dots suit these purposes and more. Sit down to a romantic candlelit dinner, create a warm glow at weddings and parties, honor the deceased at a graveside or recite church prayers in ease. Just place our candle paste dots in candlestick inserts and stay safe. Classic white wax dots candle hold keeps all candle types standing tall and upright.


    Keeps candles secure
    Convenient and easy to use
    Not visible while in use
    Mess free
    Standard size fits any candle or holder


    Our wax glue for candles is made from the highest quality wax. Our multipack options ensure enough candle stick hold to help you light up any occasion.

    Try these Candle Stickers today and let Hyoola light up your life!