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Vines with Lights Goeswell Christmas Decorations Flexible DIY Willow Vine Lights 144 LEDs 7.5FT Home Decorations for Living Room Walls Bedroom Party Warm White Brown - B0855PB2Q1

  • ATTRACTIVE AND DIY: Well-designed and made as an artwork, brown bark texture covered,which is more vivid and natural,You can bend it a bit with little effort to create your own natural look

  • VERY PRETTY and easy to bend to your liking, it’s all compact so you to separate each branch, bristles and stem and shape it to a art product.Design your vine how you see fit!

  • The vine has a 78inch cord and a transformer that plugs into an outlet.The vine is about 90inch long with 144 lights that is a plastic material.

  • Willow Vine Tips: This versatile product can be used several different ways, our three favorite options are: 1. Climbing a wall, using small finish nails or decorative tacks to secure 2. Climbing a window using small, clear adhesive hooks to adhere to the glass 3. Treated as a garland, over a buffet, sideboard or mantle. The flexible nature of the strand allows this piece to be easily woven into un-lit greenery garland or vine.

  • Tips: Wine does NOT come with stand or item to adhere to wall.