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SPAAS Unscented Black Round Candles 3" Rustic Ball Candles for Wedding Decoration Celebrations Holiday Candles and Home Decor Set of 6 Paraffin Sphere Candles - B096SRS9H7

  • PREMIUM SPHERE CANDLES: These luxurious unscented sphere ball candles are a great way to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, perfect for weddings, bridal parties, showers, church ceremonies, and more. The large round candles burn cleanly, with no drip, due to the high-quality requirements.

  • 24-HOURS BURN TIME: Made from paraffin wax, these ball shaped candles can burn for up to 24-hours at a time. Use them over and over again for the special occasions and moments in your life, as their luxurious spherical design will immediately enhance and elevate any occasion.

  • STATEMENT BLACK CANDLE COLOR: Our opaque, warm black candles will set the scene for any moody, romantic, and serene event, lending their neutral color to pair with any décor scheme. The buttery nature and texture of these candles will create an unforgettable presentation.

  • PERFECT DECORATIVE SELECTION: Our set of 6 candles are perfect centerpieces for decorations, making them an ideal wedding candle that will impress guests and set the mood. Use the candles for parties, spas, and home gatherings, as the unscented candle composition will create a serene experience.

  • HANDMADE IN POLAND: We care about the durability and quality of our candles, which is why each one was carefully handmade in Poland using a special candle-making technique. We measure for perfection, at 3” x 3”, with an unscented candle pour that will make these candles easy to use for anything in your life.